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About Promoters

Mr. Diamond Droliya

Mr Diamond Droliya, a Canadian Citizen, aged 64, is married with three children. Mr Droliya is a Graduate from Chelsea Collage, with a major in Automobile Engineering.

Mr. Droliya started his career an entrepreneur in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) in the early 1980′s. During this period in DRC he successfully became a leading distributor and manufacturer of pharmaceuticals as well a successful trading enterprise.

Mr. Droliya moved to Uganda in the late 90’s. He was instrumental in the establishing a finance company in Kampala under the name of Stanhope Finance. Over the years Stanhope grew to one of the leading finance company in Uganda and was also a major player in the foreign exchange markets in Uganda. The family disinvested from this sector and the operations were taken over by Crane Bank, which is one of the largest private sector banks in Uganda.

Over the years, Mr Droliya also saw opportunities in manufacturing sector and floriculture in Uganda. He invested in ‘Deluxe Printing and Paper’, which was involved in the manufacturing of exercise books and other paper related products.

Floriculture would be his next project, cofounding Xpressions Flowers, which was one of the largest exporters of sweat heart roses. With Uganda’s favorable climate, Xpressions grew to 20 hectares under cultivation and 11 different varieties of sweat hearts roses were exported to Europe.

Mr Droliya has a keen eye for opportunities and has recently invested in a manufacturing operation in DRC, which is involved in the manufacturing of corrugated boxes and hygiene products. The plant operates under the name of All Pack Industries in Kinshasa.

Mr Droliya and his family have over the years built a large real estate portfolio within the East and Central African region. He plays a key role in his capacity as a Director in providing the Manji Group with strategic direction as well as Group level support required for the various projects undertaken within the region.

The key to Mr. Droliya’s success have been his entrepreneurship, being visionary of the emerging opportunities that are available in Africa and his willingness to take up challenges in some of the very difficult countries in Africa. Mr Droliya is a person with strong principals, ethics and an individual of high integrity. This coupled with his hard work has contributed positively to the family’s growth over the years.